Wedding Hairstyles 2013 Like Hollywood Stars

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Wedding season is here! Here are 24 styles of 24 stars, and you can chose some styles for yourself.

To give blunt bangs a softer appearance, start curling and twisting: loose waves and a face-framing braid can work wonders, as It Girl Deschanel demonstrates.

Zooey Deschanel bridal hairstyles
Zooey Deschanel bridal hairstyles

Whether her hair is long or short, Johansson isn’t afraid to play with texture. Teasing and curling hair is all in a day’s work for the spotlight-stealing actress—and the results are as great for an aisle as they are for a red carpet.

“Adding a jeweled or metallic accessory gives an instant dose of glamour,” says Roszak. Patton’s side-swept waves—and elegant barrette—demonstrate this effect.

After walking down the aisle, brides can let down their hair like Poly did in Cannes. (A slightly roughed-up texture contrasts well with feminine lace!)

No patience for styling perfectly placed curls? Go for texture and a bejeweled clip instead, as Jovavich did.

“I wanted to recall old-Hollywood glamour—soft and feminine,” says Roszak about the side-parted updo she crafted for Kunis. After curling sections with a one-inch-barrel curling iron, Roszak used her fingers to separate and pin waves at the neck.

Party in the back! Cotillard’s bun reaches epic proportions, but somehow doesn’t appear overdone. Add a sparkling headband, and her pouf is picture-perfect.

Wen’s neck-grazing hair knot is simple yet sophisticated, parted cleanly on the side and wrapped over one ear.

The Glee star favored a variation of Kardashian’s dual-texture look at a Fox event earlier this month; two braids met at the nape of her neck in a plaited chignon.

“I always love a soft, textured updo with a shiny accessory,” says Guido. “It provides contrast and makes a style statement.” Kirsten Dunst’s delicate gold headband accentuates her loosely pinned curls.

Adding braids can give classic hairstyles an edgy twist, says mane master Adir Abergel: “It’s all about playing with duality and texture.” Kardashian did just that, pairing two well-placed plaits with cascading waves last April.

Abergel, who counts Bosworth as a client, loves crafting “cool, modern” updos. Mixing different types of braids together is one of Abergel’s favorite ways to impart these attributes. A prime example: Bosworth’s single braid loops around the side of her head, joining a mass of knots and plaits at the back.

How will the Total Recall star wear her hair for her wedding to Justin Timberlake? The options are countless, but we like this half-updo style she wore in 2009.

Berry rocks a pixie cut like no other, but her long-haired styles are pretty stellar too. The Oscar – winning actress is no stranger to extensions —and employed them artfully at a movie premiere several years ago; her center-parted pony is romantic and chic.

A short bob like Goodwin’s can be easily dressed up, thanks to scene-stealing finger waves and eye-catching earrings.

Black headbands, à la Pinto’s, have been taking over Hollywood lately—and Guido welcomes the return to simplicity. “I personally love drugstore headbands because they’re normally very basic,” he says. Basic is especially important when wearing a teased bouffant like Pinto’s; in general, the busier the hairstyle, the less busy accessories should be.

Roszak did a “doll-like” updo for Stone at this year’s Met Ball—and says it’s well suited for weddings too. “I love that it’s effortless with height on top, like how Brigitte Bardot used to wear her hair,” says Roszak. To create the style at home, she recommends using dry shampoo at the roots for extra texture and volume. Next, “gently tease the crown of the hair and pull back into a mid-height pony; after securing with an elastic, wrap the hair into a bun shape and pin in place; let pieces fall around the face for a soft look and mist with a strong-hold hairspray for a high-gloss finish.”

In 2010, Giannandrea coached Barrymore’s tresses into a pumped-up French twist. “It was a combination of Monica Vitti and Brigitte Bardot,” he says of the style’s 1960s inspiration. “What made the hair modern were Drew’s face-framing layers in front—I’d given her long bangs.”

Kruger’s loosely rolled locks aren’t just a Cannes ‘do—they’re a should do! Classically beautiful from the front, the hairstyle is deconstructed and modern in the back.

“Placing a chignon off-center adds softness,” says celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak. Add a statement hair accessory to the mix, and you’ve got a winning look: “Her Cartier headband was one of a kind—with such an important piece of jewelry, we wanted to keep the hair understated yet modern and romantic,” says Moroccanoil coiffeur Enzo Angileri, who created Theron’s stunning hairstyle for this year’s Golden Globe awards.

Beyoncé’s lacquered ponytail and extreme side-part are simple yet sophisticated. “You should always place a deep side-part above the highest point of the brow—this way, it creates a linear appearance and draws attention to your eyes,” says Abergel.