Short Hairstyles Are All About Attitude

We are so used to see the hair being on top of the topics covered by the sites dedicated to the female audience. The women’s hair has always had a bit of fascination over the men’s world, so there is no wonder why women spend so much time on the topic.

Still…taking care of your hair is so much more than hair tips as being beautiful is so much more than just make up tips. Hair care involves work and maybe that is why short hair styles are so popular.

Changing hairstyle can be an extremely stressful event. We all know that the hair will eventually grow back into the shape we gave up cutting it in slightly longer than a year’s time. However, going short from long or mid length is more about attitude and less about comfort.

Short Hairstyles Are All About Attitude
Short Hairstyles Are All About Attitude

Choosing to cut your hair is a major decision and it should only be done after consulting a stylist able to evaluate the right line, so it compliments the shape of the face, the silhouette and the type of makeup you are going to wear.

A short hairstyle speaks of confidence, has a special kind of charm and shows a realistic attitude. A study shows that people see the women with short hair as very confident in their own forces, smart looking and extremely outspoken. The short hair is sexy and underlines the feminine air.

You should know that a short hairstyle needs some serious care and attention. For a short hairstyle to look beautiful a visit to the hairstylist must be done every 4-6 weeks. Having short hair is not getting rid of the hair care, but caring for an attitude sacrificing time, energy and of course… patience.

It is true that having a bad hair day is not as risky as if you would have long hair but the risk of split ends and dry hair is larger for short hairstyles.

A short hairstyle needs… styling, and styling products, even if professional ones, are all about damaging the hair structure.

The beauty of a short hairstyle is that it needs less shampoo, less conditioner, less hair color. As a conclusion you can surely afford a higher quality for hair care products.

The short hairstyles are easy to crop and shape and quite versatile as makeup is concerned.  However when going for such a drastic change of look, you must consider the shape of the face.

An oval face or a cute face shaped as a heart is the perfect fit for short hair. The round or square shaped faces look good too but the best short hairstyles are the ones with longer bangs on one side of the face.

The beauty of the short hairstyle is in the effortless way of being glamorous with minimum work. Messy or dirty, clean or styled the short hair can always be turned into a cool look.

A correct haircut, perfectly cropped, created by a hairstylist will accommodate your face accurately; so make sure if you want to go for the daring attitude, you are ready to pay for a visit at a prestigious hair saloon.

Keep in mind – short hair can be your way towards being a confident, sexy diva.

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