New Spring Hairstyles for Women 2012

Spring season is full of colorful flowers and fragrances. So spring hairstyles are mostly full of colors and energetic. Spring is a time for different type of fun hairstyles as there are many occasions and events at this time of the year. It’s the time of switching of season from winter to a fresher one.

Spring hairstyles are most of the time modern and hip. Dark haired people can use a few ash-brown highlights in order to give their hair a more fresh and colorful look while blonds are the one which are in trend definitely. Spring hair needs to have shine in it as if like the shining sun is above one’s head.

Here are some of fresh and new options for long, medium and short length haired people.

  • For Long hair

Rockabilly is in trend during the 21st century so the women having long hair might pull their hair off the face and get it straightened at the roots. Hair shafts are kept wavy at the center along with the barrel curls at the ends hair stream. These hairstyles are decorated and held with clips near the ears so that the hair might be kept away from the face.

  • For Short hair

For females having short hair, pixie crop along with asymmetrical bangs is the best option as a hairstyle. Their hair can be worn sleek or it might be fluffed by giving them some volume or texture with the help of light-hold sprays or mousse. Sass might be added by using tiny barrettes.

  • Hair of medium length

Long bang is the option for people having medium-length hair especially for the spring season. Usually square bangs are cut up to the top of eyes while rest of hair is cut into a bob-inspired cut. The bangs along with the hair tips should be cut with thinning shears and highlights might be added to bangs to give them a colorful look.

Here are two famous hairstyles that have been defined and designed especially for the spring season.

  • Casual Bun

All the hair might be gathered at one side of the head and secured loosely in the form of a low bun which rests on the shoulder.

  • Flower Braid

Top part of the hair might be separated into small sections and each section is wrapped in the shape of a coil and pinned against the top and back of the head.

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