Celebrity Hairstyles of 2012

Celebrities are always the group of people responsible for setting current fashion trends. It is no different when it comes to hairstyles. We look at them as modern day goddesses, as their hairstyles are worshipped and copied by millions of fashionistas globally. Celebrities are able to afford current, cutting-edge hairstyles from professionals who are on the forefront of the newest hairstyle trends. These styles then spread through the mainstream like wildfire and pop up in magazines, TV shows, and on the streets. In 2012, this is what some of the most popular celebrities are doing with their hairstyles.

The Mid-length Bob Hair Styles
The Mid-length Bob Hair Styles

Reese Witherspoon is not only famous for her sweet characters on film, but she is also well-known for her adorable, flirty hairstyles. Witherspoon looks best with her hair at the medium to long length. This mid-length bob nicely brings proportion to her pointy chin, adding more width to the bottom half of her face. Her subtle layers are very complimentary adding simplicity and shape to her cut. Many women will be wearing this look this season with blunt bangs, a nice alternative to Witherspoon’s side-swept bangs.

J Lo’s slicked back hair tied neatly into a ballerina bun is a classy look. It is a style that can be worn anywhere. It can look sophisticated at a black tie event or casual in jeans and a sweater for a day of shopping. The higher bun accentuates J Lo’s check bones and facial structure. Her simple make-up and tidy do look effortless.

Beyonce’s two-toned hair adds a dramatic effect. The blond color around the crown brightens up her face while the rich, brown hair underneath adds depth and compliments her golden skin tone. The side-swept bangs look elegant as the rest of the hair falls loosely into place. Long waves are a popular trend this season, so expect to see them on many tresses.

Side Braid:
Kim Kardashian’s side braid is loosely constructed and simple. Her longer bangs beautifully frame her face, and the braid looks stylish and chic. Kardashian, usually known for her longer mane and loads of make up, looks fresh and natural with a flattering side braid. This is a great look for Kim!

Short Hair Styles for 2012:

Short hair is definitely in this season. Halle Berry is wearing a short pixie, which she is most well known for. The pixie cut looks great on Berry because it flatters her flawless facial features. Many women have walked into salons asking for the “Halle” because she wears it so well. This cut is great because it allows for a variety of styling options. Berry can transform from a classy, vixen into an edgy, rocker with just a little spiking and mussing with her fingers. A shorter cut appeals to many different types of women because of the many different looks that can be created from the same cut.

Center Parts:

Jennifer Aniston has always been a trendsetter for hair. She made the mid-length bob known as “The Rachael,” one of the most sought after hairstyles ever. Aniston is most admired for her long, silky strands. Her hair is so shiny and vibrant, it is no wonder it catches the attention of the public. In this photo, she is wearing a center part, which is very popular this season. A center part slims the face softening square jaw lines and more chiseled features.

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